Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are here to support you while we all adapt to the coronavirus pandemic.

Strmr is a software tool which facilities service providers to work remotely and charge for their service using video conferencing. We understand that this time requires quick adjustment to new methods and tools, and hoping to provide a channel for keeping your business up and running.

Consult online and get paid

Few tips for successful remote sessions

Get set up

Working remotely with Strmr will require you to set up a new Strmr account, as well as providing your payout information and validating it. This process can take a few minutes to find the right documents, account numbers and addresses. Consider that your account will have to be verified for payment and payout information depending on the payout processor you select.

Setting things up before it is absolutely necessary would avoid roadblocks when trying to start your first session. Take into account that many services are now in a backlog and may require some extra time to process your support requests.

Communicate with your client

Explain that you would like to use a new software tool to conduct your online session. Especially in times of stress through the pandemic, it's important to give your clients a secured and relaxed experience where they feel comfortable and know what to expect.

Consider requesting your client to set up their Strmr account with payment details a day or two ahead of your session. This will assist in avoiding an unnecessary stress, and you won't need to wait for your customer to enter their card information. Your client card details are saved on their user profile so that it iss available for their next session.

Get tehcnical

Be prepared on the technical side


Make sure no other software is consuming your home network bandwidth. Consider pausing file and photo synchronization tools, and disconnect mobile devices from WiFi to the duration of the session.

Mobile hotspot

If your bandwidth or WiFi connection is not stable, consider using your mobile device as a hotspot. Depending on your cellular provider network, mobile 4G networks may provide a better upload bandwidth for your video conference than your home network.

WiFi extender

If your workstation is not close to your main router, and struggling to get good signal, a cheap solution would be a WiFi extender. Check out this guide from The Wirecutter


Strmr uses Zoom to provide high quality video conferencing.

Logged in - Make sure you are logged-in with your Zoom desktop application,

Updated - Check Zoom app is updated with the latest version.

Mobile fallback - Prepare a fallback alternative in case the desktop / laptop fails or does not provide good quality or you would like to get a way from a noisy room. Install Zoom on your mobile and tablet devices.


Try to create a separate workspace from your main living areas. Consider sunlight to allow a better video picture. If you would like to hide the clutter from your video sessions, set up Zoom virtual background.

Latest updates

Group sessions

Strmr now enables creating group sessions for use cases like studios and lectures looking to provide their online classes.


We have adjusted our support for extended hours to allow quick on-boarding and resolve issues.


Send invoices (request for payment) to clients for an offline service - documentation