My pictures are not uploading / I'm trying to upload but the page just keeps refreshing

  1. Currently, we support only JPGs.
  2. Sometimes WEBP file formats hide inside JPGs. You should make sure that the content inside is actually a JPG format, and not just a file with the extension of .jpg
  3. Our servers have a request-timeout limit of 30 seconds. Make sure you're able to complete the upload within 30 seconds. If your upload bandwidth is not high enough, consider using the mobile 4G/5G hotspot.
  4. Some phone images are extremely high-res producing 20MB photo each, and about 200MB+ upload size. This is unnecessary. The fine-tune model training takes 512x512. Consider resizing your images to 512x512 before uploading.

My images are not generating

  1. Make sure that the fine-tune has completed training.
  2. Once in a while we might experience an unexpected surge in usage, or a problem in one of the servers. Generally prompts should generate within 2 minutes, and fine-tunes should be processed within 90 minutes. If this is not the case, please allow few more hours for the system to recover.

What am I getting for the payment?

  1. The payment is a one time payment (i.e: not a subscription)
  2. You are getting a personalized AI model (4GB checkpoint) trained using the images you provided.
  3. Using this model, the service allows also generating images using textual prompts.
  4. The AI model may be downloaded locally to do inference and image generation on your own computer or server.

Can I get higher resolution?

We are working on adding this functionality to create amazing photos, but for now use this.

Can I download CKPT file and how do I use it?

  1. Once the fine-tune is done processing, you should be able to see a TAR and CKPT buttons in the fine-tune page.
  2. Check out the PROs page section

API - I would like to use your API for my service or app, would you be able to handle the load?

Currently, we are already providing some big applications and should be able to serve a significant amount more. If you think your service will generate more than 1K fine-tunes a day, please contact support to coordinate gradual rollout.

Can I change the seed and other configuration?

People have used the seed to scan the same prompt with different seeds creating hundreds of generations of the same prompt. This creates a high unintended load on our servers. If you'd like to explore using seed and cfg_scale parameters, please contact support, and we will open this feature flag for you.

What happens to my model, training pictures and image generations?

The entire fine-tune (including CKPT file, model, images, prompts) is kept for 1 month, at the end of which it is all are deleted.