Client's guide

Strmr allows service providers to ease some of the administration like charging and invoicing. Here is a quick guide:


Install Zoom using - Download zoom here - For more details on Strmr's Zoom integration

1. Open your link

Once you will be invited as a customer to Strmr, you will receive/open a special link which identifies your service provider. If you have a scheduled session with your service provider to a specific time, it is advised to go through steps 1-3 in advance so that when the meeting is about to start, you are all ready and set up.

2. Sign-up

Start by creating your account. You may choose to log-in with Google / Facebook - this way you'll have to confirm your email address.

3. Enter payment details

Depending on your service provider you will be requested to enter payment details, e.g: credit card details. Note that Strmr is a secured website utilizing the best industry standards practices to preserve your privacy. Note that client's payment information is not stored on Strmr directly but rather on the payment processing company, most notably Stripe.

4. Start your session

Back in your original session link, you should now be able to click the "Start" button. This button requires that your service provider is online, and will be disabled otherwise indicating that the service provider is not available. Once you have clicked the "Start" button, you will be directed to the Strmr session page, and a new browser popup will open, requesting you to launch Zoom - click the Accept button to launch the Zoom video software and start the video chat. Your service provider should join shortly to the session.

5. During the session

Once you have connected with your customer, Strmr browser window will remain in the background indicating when the session has started and pricing.

6. Session ended

Once the session has ended, Strmr will show the session duration as well as the final charged amount. You may want to go back to your dashboard by clicking on the Strmr logo at the top, and see the history of your sessions.

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