Clinics and multi provider

For clinics, companies and group of consultants, it is desired that an administrator will manage the company Strmr account:

  • On-board new providers by creating session links for each provider with respective pricing, and explain the flow of working with Strmr and starting sessions with clients
  • Accept inbound client calls, share a matching session link with the relevant provider, explain the flow to the client and what he should expect.

For example, a clinic with 10 psychologists might have different psychologists specializing in different fields: couple therapy, CBT, trauma, disorders. The clinic website may use an online form or coordinate a preliminary phone call to match the best specialized provider to the client. In other cases, where the client might not be satisfied with the matched provider, he may call the office administrator and try to coordinate a different provider.

Visiblity and permissions

  • The shared providers on the account will have visibility only to the sessions they have conducted.
  • The administrator will have visibility to all sessions under the account.
  • All session charges will be applied using the administrator account.

Below is the flow for an administrator:

1. Create an administrator account

Sign up to Strmr, set up payout and connect your Zoom acccount.

2. Share with providers

Create session links, as explained in the providers guide. Once created, in the dashboard, click the Share with another provider button and fill in the details for the provider with whom you would like to share the session.

3. Provider on-boarding

Once shared, the provider will receive an invite to his email to create an account if necessary, and the session will show up in his account dashboard.

Clients who are about to start a session will be able to start a session once the shared provider is online.