Is Strmr secured?

Strmr uses TLS encryption to make sure that your communication stays private. For payment processing, Strmr uses multiple payment processing 3rd parties, most notably Stripe, which store payment details. Credit card information never reaches Strmr website servers.

What ensures payment is processed successfully at the end of the session?

Strmr uses an authorization flow to authorize credit-card payments: Once a session is about to start, Strmr sends an authorization request to the credit-card account, making sure the funds are available. The actual charge, i.e: capture of the funds, is made at the end of the session. This flow guarantees that at the end of the session, a successful payment is made. In the case of by-the-hour priced sessions, Strmr will authorize a 1 hour charge, and will then capture only the required amount according to the session duration.

What types of service providers use Strmr?

Strmr caters for professional service providers such as psychologists, software engineers, parental/lactation consultants, lawyers and tutors. We are happy to see more people using Strmr. If you are not sure if Strmr is right for you, reach out to our Suppport team

Service providers: When will I receive my money?

Strmr uses multiple payment processing gateways to allow vendor payouts. Please check the specific payment processing gateway in the Payouts section


Please see Strmr pricing page. Separately payment processing fees may apply.

Does Strmr supports clinics?

Strmr has support for "shared provider". In this scenario, a clinic administrator or owner creates session links for different providers allowing each of them to accept clients independently. The clinic owner will have visibility on all sessions made by the clinic providers. Strmr supports also payout percentage for the clinic owner and service provider depending on the payment processing provider. Please reach out to our Suppport team if you would like to work on Strmr as a clinic.

Can I create sessions with zero charge?

Yes. In this case no credit-card is necessary.