A guide to Groups

Strmr groups allows providers to organize and create groups. Learn more about groups

Strmr for groups fee is 4%

Below is a technical guide for creating groups

1. Signup and profile

In order to start a group, start by signing up wih Strmr, and edit your group profile.

  • Turn on the List on Strmr directory
  • Fill group description
  • Consider adding a cover image to personalize the group.

2. Create sessions

  • Create a new session for each provider and make sure to add a description of the nature of service

3. Share with providers

3. On-board provider

Once an invitation was sent to the provider, make sure the provider received the invite.

The provider may want to fill his availability time slots to allow scheduling.


Strmr for groups is currently supported for users who use the Stripe payout processor, excluding accounts with the following currencies: MYR INR BRL


Provider - For the provider who conducts the session, transaction is executed directly on their account and should be available for payout according to your Stripe payout schedule. The transaction amount will include the following fee deductions: group owner fee, Strmr fee and Stripe processing fee.

For group owners transfer will take place 7 days after to make sure the transaction is not disputed or a refund is requested.

Processing Fees Stripe processing fee is deducted from the provider amount.

Group owner fee Calculated as ([Transaction amount] - [Strmr fee]) * (100% - provider percent)