Provider's guide

Strmr allows easy on-boarding for service providers in order to get started as quickly as possible. Here is a quick guide:

1. Sign-up

Start by creating your account. You may choose to log-in with Google / Facebook - this way you'll have to confirm your email address.

2. Set up payout details

Once signed-up, you will need to set up your payout information.

3. Create session link

Once signed-up, you will be prompted to create a new session link. Name your session and set your pricing.

For example:

  • "Hourly consulting with Daniel" - 100$ fixed - Daniel is the name of the consultant.
  • "Therapy with Miriam" - 100$ per hour - Miriam is the name of the psychologist.

Few notes:

  • When selecting pricing by the hour, the clock will start counting when both parties have joined the video session.
  • It is important that the title is descriptive and identifiable as it will be shown in the credit card statement of the customer. This is important to reduce the risk of customers not identifying the transaction, and avoiding chargebacks.
  • You can think of session links as unique pricing models and different service types. Multiple clients may use the same link if the service pricing for both is the same.

4. Invite customers

After creating your session link, you will be directed to the dashboard home screen. On this screen you will see a list of all your sessions. Use the "Copy link to clipboard" or "Share link through email" to share the link with your customer. You may share your link privately with one or few customers, or you may publish it on your website to allow on-demand customers to easily start.

It is recommended that you give your customers some background of what this link is and what is expected of them: Explain that they will be requested to enter payment details through a secured website, and that this will ease the administration. Set a specific time and date to meet your customer, or let them know at what times you are expected to be available.

5. Wait for your customer

At the scheduled time, or when you are ready to receive customers, open your dashboard home and wait for the customer to click the "Start session" button from the link he opened. You will be notified using a popup window on the dashboard screen letting you know that a session has started and requesting you to join. Click the "Join session" button to start the session. A Zoom popup will open, and you might need to approve launching Zoom.

6. During the session

Once you have connected with your customer, Strmr browser window will remain in the background indicating when the session has started and pricing. On this window you may click the "Refund" button if for some reason you wish not to charge the customer for the current session.

When you are ready to end the session, click the Zoom "End meeting" button. Strmr will be notified and the session will be charged.

7. Session ended

Once the session has ended, Strmr will show the session duration as well as the final charged amount. You may want to go back to your dashboard home by clicking the Strmr logo at the top, and wait for your next customer. On the dashboard, you will see an indication of the last session instance which took place and the charged amount. You may also want to inspect your session history by clicking the "History" button

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