Zoom integration

Strmr provides integration with Zoom conferencing software to allow high quality video chat, mobile app integration, and screen sharing.

Zoom for clients

Clients using Strmr with Zoom are required to install Zoom in order to connect with the service provider.

Download zoom here

When your session is about to start, click the "Start" session button. A new browser popup should appear requesting to launch Zoom. Approve launching Zoom, and your session will be connected with the service provider.

Zoom for Providers

Strmr requires service providers to connect their Zoom account to Strmr, in addition to installing the Zoom software. By connecting Zoom and Strmr, Strmr is able to create new meetings under your account, and invite clients to join once their payment information is validated and authorized.

1. Connect Zoom

After creating your first session link, you will be redirected to Zoom's website and requested permission for Strmr to use Zoom. The permissions are necessary in order to allow Strmr to create and delete new meetings, and notified once a meeting ended.

2. Start session and launch Zoom

Once a client starts a meeting, you will be notified on the main Strmr dashboard with a popup prompting you to join the meeting. Clicking the "Join meeting" popup button will open a new browser window requesting to launch the Zoom application. Approve launching the app, and wait for the video to connect.

3. End meeting

When your meeting is done, click the "End meeting" button in the Zoom window. This will trigger Strmr charging the credit card. Back on the Strmr browser window, you can see the session status has ended and charged.


  • Some browsers may block the popup used for launching Zoom. Please make sure your popup blocker is deactivated and allow opening the popup if necessary.
  • After launching the Zoom browser popup, you may be asked inside the popup to confirm launching Zoom

Disconnect Zoom

You may choose to disconnect your Zoom account through the settings page