Paid video sessions for professionals

Consult online and get paid

Easily collect payments

Customers enter credit card details, and charged at the end of each session.

Remove friction

Allow your customers to complete payments easily and remove the hassle

Reach new customers

By coupling the video and payment, Strmr allows you to reach new audiences

Set your price

Strmr will create a link for you to send to your customer, so you can start your video chat, and get paid once the session is done.

Create paid session
Customers enter payment details

Customer receives link

Customer will receive an invitation to start a session with details of the hourly or fixed rate.

Customer enters payment details

Strmr will request credit card information to be saved under the customer account. In future sessions, this will be skipped.

Customers enter payment details

Who uses this?

Strmr is a tool used by professional service providers such hi tech professional services, counselors, psychologists, software engineers, counselors and therapists.ho


A Stripe Verified Partner

Stripe is a credit card processing gateway. Strmr is a Stripe verified partner. Read more on Stripe website