2% of successful charges

Strmr caters for both clinics and individuals using a simple pricing model

This does not include credit card processing fees which depend on your payment processor. See our support pages

What's included?

  • Use credit-card to charge clients and secure your payment.
  • Pay as you go. No setup charges
  • Invoicing integrations
  • Send invoices for in-person sessions

Why does it make sense?

For individuals: 2% of a 60 minute session is ~1 minute. If it takes you more than a minute to send an invoice and for your client to pay it, it makes sense you'd like to automate this.

More importantly, your clients will be happier once the friction of payment is removed. 😋

For clinics and multi-provider companies: Strmr reduces the administration overhead for each provider (MD / therapists / counselor) and allows each provider visibility to his clients' invoices.

Our customers

Strmr has helped us grow the business by reducing the payments and invoicing overhead, and creating a more streamlined experience for our customers.
Before Strmr we had incidents of customers not paying, and much time was lost keeping track of these.
By using Strmr we can now keep track of the sessions in our clinic by different psychologists.